Status Of Company : MSC   |   Company Registration : 0036557

Code of conduct

The entire organization of Security General Insurance Company Limited will be guided by the following principles and code of conduct in its pursuit of excellence in all activities for the attainment of the company objectives

  • Not to help grant any loan, advance or placement by accepting gratification before or after sanctioning/disbursement from the customer in cash, kind or other personal benefit even though believing it a genuine risk worthy credit not having any knowledge misrepresentation, if any.
  • Not to misappropriate any movable or immovable assets of the company for personal benefit for otherwise.
  • Not to act beyond the authorities vested to a staff member detrimental to the interest of the company. However acts in peculiar circumstances undertaken in good faith with clear intent to safeguard the interest of the company may not be held exceeding authorities.
  • Not to issue or help issuance of false statements/confirmations etc knowingly, whether or nor such statements/confirmations have been relied upon by third parties or not.
  • Not indulge in any act which can be termed as mistrust, fraud & forgery or may bring the company into disrepute. Not to make or assist in any subversive act which in any way are prejudicial to the interest of the company or country.
  • Not to allow or enter into any contract for the company by accepting, gratification in cash, kind or other personal benefits.
  • Not to buy any assets/services for the company by accepting gratification in cash kind or other personal benefits.
  • Maintain professional secrecy of the company and its client affairs within and outside the company premises.
  • Not to take own position in shares, stocks or certificates through inherent knowledge of deals already under execution on behalf of company or its clients.
  • Not to use the official position for taking personal advantages from sub-ordinate staff members.

Any other act of Mistrust, Fraud or Forgery not mentioned hereinabove, but can be so construed by its intent will be treated as it speaks itself.